Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cedar Fence Posts How Much Does A Decent Cedar Fence Cost?

How much does a decent cedar fence cost? - cedar fence posts

I need a new fence for privacy, protecting my baby and dogs have bad neighbors.

I have an old wire fence of my garden. I have about 70 'of fencing. One side is 4 ', another 3 ". I want to install a cedar 6' fence, which is good, but not at the top of the line.

I wonder:
1) What are the costs for someone to remove the fence 4 'chain link on one side (35')?

2) How much does it cost (labor + equipment) for someone who is a 6 'cedar pickets and installing good for all, and only 1 door?

3) What are the costs for wall, door discovered by someone?

4) The Ugly Dog urinating on our fence. This would be the ability of the cedar color to urine? How often do you have to stain / seal the fence?

5) The neighbors rake leaves. Could I avoid this large cedar fence blows the leaves in my garden under the fence or not?


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