Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pet Travel Overseas What Happens If I Fly Overseas And My Pet Gets Very Ill. Is There Travel Insurance That Will Let Me Come Home?

What happens if I fly overseas and my pet gets very ill. Is there travel insurance that will let me come home? - pet travel overseas

No! You need to work from the time of return flight with the airline. Most airlines, for a fee, see the return flight, if they have open seats.


carolath... said...

Check with the airline. You need to provide insulation to go home and all you have is not contagious. Determine the type of veterinary care would, while in the custody of airlines. It might be advantageous to find a good pension PET plant. We left our two cats for a week and they were very good. To make sure you do not have a cage for a week. Often need to exercise, and are kept in a clean and dry. They bring the cats favorite blanket that was in his apartment. "The bathing area should be where they are sleeping independently.

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