Sunday, December 20, 2009

Colorado Flood Insurance Quote At Times Of Flood, The Colorado River Reaches A Speed Of 48 Km/h (i.e., 30 Mi/h) Near The Lava Falls. Suppose ?

At times of flood, the Colorado River reaches a speed of 48 km/h (i.e., 30 mi/h) near the Lava Falls. Suppose ? - colorado flood insurance quote

At high water the Colorado River reached a speed of 48 km / h (30 ml / h) in the vicinity of the waterfall of lava. Suppose you want to vertically there is a boat ride to cross 37 km / h (23 mph) in calm water.

(a) Is it possible? Explaining.

(b) If a quiet day, the water flows to 21 km / h (13 mph), at what angle to steer the boat, cut directly into the river?
Answer = °_____ in position over the river

(c) How fast (in SI units) on the coast are you going?
Answer = ____ m / s

Please explain your answers and show their work. ANF, I would choose the best answer, of course, that person gets 10 points:)

Thanks in advance!


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