Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flesh From Cervix Hitting Cervix When Having Sex? Painful And Pleasurable?

Hitting cervix when having sex? Painful and pleasurable? - flesh from cervix

Hey, sometimes when they sex with my friend, the beautiful lets go inside me. It is quite long (an impressive piece of meat there!) And if it is full, and I'm in the right position, I feel it hit my neck. Particularly impressive at first, and sometimes I've captured and only sit there and sorta moved while gently rubbing the end of his thing on it. But sometimes you play hard, and "book" and it hurts, but it feels so good. Anyone else experience pleasure and pain? Is your neck, a point the joke was supposed to? I have never seen a no fun, I know that the G-point. Perhaps the G-spot? But it is so far inland.


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