Friday, February 12, 2010

Castle Neuschwanstein Ho Scale How Long Will Take A Visit To Neuschwanstein Castle From Munich?

How long will take a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich? - castle neuschwanstein ho scale

Since I had not much time will I @, the first train from Munich to get there @ 8:15 to 4:57. Stariting my visit to the castle, as if I were again very close to Munich? TKS!


Bill Z said...

There is no train service on the castle that my knowledge. The web is feet, but the castle in Hohenschwangau. You need to take a bus from Füssen to Hohenschwangau.

According to the website of The Train leaves at 4:54 to 8:13 in Hohenschwangau, with two changes. 6:30 There is a train and arrive at 8.47. There is only one change - from train to bus to Füssen to Hohenschwangau.

I doubt that the castle is open till 9.00 clock, why the hurry?

The journey to the castle - if you is the train from 6.30 2 hours 17 minutes. The number of two or more hours for the visit, which is around noon, when the head back. A bus departs at 12:46 Hohenschwangau Fussen train station. Even 2 hours 17 minutes. I could not do it again3:00 Munich

Why such a hurry to return to Munich. Enjoy the day. There is another castle - Hohenschwangau in the same city to visit. Furthermore, I believe, the best decoration of Neuschwanstein. Ludwig Hohenschwangau Castle is where I grew up.

Why kill all the hurry?

segersmo... said...

Walking - probably several days.

Conduct - not what I remember. The castle is far to the north) South Audubon # 5, and died in Munich, East / West Audubon # 6 (see map. I would say somewhere between 1-2 hours drive. Trains can take longer, because the castle is located in a mountainous area, and Munich is a great city, which spread over several kilometers. It also depends on where in the city of departure.

boom. said...

What the hell? Dracula, you should ask the question.

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