Saturday, February 13, 2010

Where To Buy Istyle Hair Wax Where Should I Buy My Macbook?

Where should i buy my macbook? - where to buy istyle hair wax

I live in Abu Dhabi. the 2.4 GHz MacBook AED 6835 here. But in the Amazon, is USD 1567 (AED 5754). In the not be asking about the cost of transporting the IB, the United States and my uncle brings worries. Can I at Amazon? If there is a problem, saves iStyle check it out for me? Thank you in advance.


Dubai said...

I bought a few things on Amazon, will be sent to friends in the United States and were then sent to me. I've never had a problem. I always use my IP VPN United States request to Amazon to see me as an American customer.

However, if something goes wrong, it's like a scandal lately, I have to buy locally. It costs a little more, but it is fast and know where to go when there is a problem.

dray83 said...

Nowhere, it should not. They are too expensive. It is expensive (they are), but too expensive. You can twice the machine for half the money when switching from a PC.

Sorlag said...

I want to buy only the Apple Store online. thats when I think and adapt its much easier and what not. and are often much cheaper than elsewhere

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