Friday, February 19, 2010

Luggage Tags From Disney Cruise When Should I Worry About Receiving My Disney Magical Express Tags?

When should I worry about receiving my Disney magical express tags? - luggage tags from disney cruise

About a little less than a week and a half of my trip to WDW, we have not received luggage tags when the time is right to call and verify that I received. I will not name, and feel his impatience.


stitchki... said...

Under the assumption that not only the book last week off, probably would have been received. Book By booking through a travel agent rather than directly with Disney, they would have received the information for you when you signed it.

You want to contact directly in May, Disney's Magical Express at 1-866-599-0951 and make sure that it was posted by him and see what the labels say (which may give a date when they are posted, though).

Also note that if you are in DME, the DME is nothing in the package of the widespread use of DME is missing logs do. The DME is host to stage 1 of Part B of the MCO, and you can check your trip to print the application and if you want tor your baggage for you, without you having to prove yourself, you can deploy with the numbers of baggage claim and indicate what type of luggage on a number of standard IATA baggage.

pink said...

It is their luggage tags Magical Express at least 2 weeks before departure. I would be interested in this.

Call Disney (407-W-Disney) and tell them your situation.

Such things happen all the time and express-ship them to you. Make sure that your correct address and information.

Indiana Jones said...

You should have received at least 14 days before your trip.
Call 1-407-WDISNEY

RckNRlL... said...

If still not come to call Disney soon as possible!

drip said...

I now give the floor. I do not remember when we came to us, but it was two weeks before departure.

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