Monday, February 15, 2010

Strangled Woman Movie Movie Where Hand Has A Mind Of Its Own?

Movie where hand has a mind of its own? - strangled woman movie

When I was younger, I saw a film about a man whose hand had his own head. He strangled a woman in the film, then cut. She has to live the hands of the people. I think that everything ends separate leaves fall from a roof. I think it was a Svengoolie old movie, but I'm not sure.


Ava Adore said...

I believe that is called "Quicksilver Highway," a horror film from 1997 directed by Mick Garris.It is on the story by Clive Barker and Stephen King's Body Politic based short story teeth breeding.

The policy of the institution:
In a bizarre version of a revolution, it seems that all our hands their own conscience and not pleased to be appointed, what they do with their hands owners.The a worker named Charlie plan revolution.Charlie 's get hands even have a own personality to be more careful with the left and right very determined and even proclaimed Messiah.Right - against the wishes of Charlie - short left that need to create call scuttles away to others so before returning to the right to aRevolution for the poor.

awesomef... said...

The Hand

blazerbo... said...

sounds like "Idol Hands", but not GL Mabey

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