Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why Do Sore Throats Hurt More At Night Why Am I Hurting So Bad?

Why am I hurting so bad? - why do sore throats hurt more at night

I gave the other day but got a good answer.

On the first day I thought I was wrong wrong to paint a mural of my children. I told myself that I usually do not many of these activities, but perhaps it was worked out long ago. Then it got worse and moved to my chest. It hurt so breathing, I had to breathe a little, because it hurts to breathe too. This kind of went away, and is now on the shoulders, hips, thighs and neck. I am very bad when I was in a triathlon, or really tried. The skin of the hips, as if I had a sunburn. It pains me even to touch. Oh, I also had a sore throat, super soft for a day.

I know that I caught something, because my husband has the same symptoms, but had slightly lessmore muscle pain and tenderness in the lungs and when the mine started with a fever.

I took Advil like crazy, and there still hurts pretty bad. I woke up yesterday evening because of pain in his shoulder and could not sleep again. At first I thought he got the flu, but I have a runny nose, cough, headache or fever.

I feel like this now 3 days. I am now a little better, but I am still very painful. No idea what causes it?

I wrote a few days ago. Last night, I'm still hurt and the muscles around my chest, especially on the sides, where it kills me. It hurts so bad that not even want to move, change positions. Combani was a pain and stabbing pain. I stood up and took Advil, and tI feel better, but not great.


Anonymous said...

You're a pain has been great for three days and all I can think to do is not complain that have received a good response from people at random on Yahoo! To Dr.

Anonymous said...

It seems they made a move or stretch, or pinch a nerve or pulled a rib. If you do not take a deep breath, without a clutch, it took a rib. You must go to a chiropractor who has put into effect. Because you about this kind of breathing, spoken my main suspect.
If the rule that you can perform and complete breathing, then it is a strained muscle. Raise one arm and place the thumb between two ribs, and look back. Pressure on the ribs all the time. If no pain on that one, be traced to another rib and from that person. Reached a delicate point, and have pain, you will also notice that the ribs will be drawn more. to do between two coasts, where it is, Press in pain as close as possible to print and then make an effort to wait in the sense of pain and. Now relax, breathe deeply and exhale and do not tense any part of your body. In about 30 seconds to feel the release, and you can stretch the opposite side of the anterior muscle relaxants to help themselves. Rest of his body forward, as the seconds for 30th If you have pain of others, please let me know.

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