Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do Points From Ohio Go To Pa Why Is CNN Declaring A "big Win" For Hillary In PA (10-point-lead), When Initially She Had A 20-point Lead?

Why is CNN declaring a "big win" for Hillary in PA (10-point-lead), when initially she had a 20-point lead? - do points from ohio go to pa

Everyone expects Hillary to win PA, camp, including Obama. The only question was how many points? Immediately after the Ohio polls have 60/40 above, a 20-point Clinton win. After the vote really was 55/45 which means Obama was to reduce half of the original vote - 10 points instead of 20 - this is very good for him, not so good for them. So I do not understand why CNN keeps showing was a "great victory" for Clinton, where, according to real numbers, it seems the opposite. Ideas?


Gene L said...

Please send a link to his assertion that CNN actually support that statement.
No wonder if his information is real or not, but only to verify that CNN and said that his words were "misinterpreted" in some way, sometimes it's easy to do.

With only 81 delegates to get Hillary to Obama 68 (or not to classify almost) what we as a "great victory", either ... unless we speak of a "moral victory" in size.

Wow girl, no need to get irritable?
I told him that I have no doubt that in order to support your request. I always add a link when I can, just for that reason.

Add @ person:
Thanks for the link, but only proved my point ...
She spoke of "big" winner
The link actually says, "BIG" win well, "something" wrong ".

Charlize was therefore right to say "BIG win" to ...
I apologize to him, if someone
feel an apology is in order.

piegowde... said...

1) For Clinton to win is to win each. PA. helps you to stay alive. If the Palestinian Authority had not lost a single vote, his campaign would have been toast.

2) CNN plays "age rating" on Fox News, and real journalism "infotainment"

3) Obama can not claim a loss of 10% as a victory, except perhaps a moral issue, because the vote is not Bubba.

Tim said...

Every time she's double-digit margins of victory a "great victory" rash "or similar media hype used to worry about fashion. The fact that the low margin of 20 points to 10 points is not a problem. A victory is always a great victory, especially because I myself is important in a state that the Democrats win in November.

GO HILLARY said...

It was a great victory for Hillary Clinton, CNN Designing bleak for him. Barack Obama is wasting money on Fast and Furious. The problem is money and votes can not be bought, but Hillary is drunk.

asianman said...

Nobody expects to get a lead of 20 points.

The fact that she spent much of their 6, it is more important than the fact that the landslide was not so overwhelming as expected, some people.

patriotic italienne™ v1.01 said...

They thought it would be much closer. Great victory is the word Clinton used stock.

Wounded Duck said...

He said he would need a double-digit victory. 10% of double-digit!

another_... said...

For a 10-point victory is a victory .... Why Obama could not reach it?

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