Monday, January 25, 2010

Opposite How Is Lady Macbeth Opposite To Duplicitous Cunning And Controlled?

How is Lady Macbeth opposite to duplicitous cunning and controlled? - opposite

I write a text on comparative presentation of Lady Macbeth in ACT 1 and ACT 5, Scene 1 And I wrote a paragraph about how she is portrayed as cunning and deceit checked, but I need a few excerpts from Act No. 5 of the way that the way she is portrayed as a violation of the beginning. Any help would be appreciated.


Rosalia said...

Out, damned spot! Out I say! - One, two, why
then it is time to do it .-- Hell is dark! - Wow, my
Lord, what a shame! a soldier, and afraid? What we need
May fear who knows it, nobody to call our power
Account? - But who would have thought that the old
had so much blood in him.
The Thane of Fife had a wife: where is he now? --
Have they never clean their hands? - No more o '
, Sir, or no longer "the sea with you all!
this category.
Here, the smell of blood still: all
The perfumes of Arabia did not sweeten this little
Hand. Oh, oh, oh!

All these data are from Lady Macbeth, after she mad.

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