Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Parts Sailboat Diagram What Are The Parts Of The Wooden Sailboat Used By The Explorers From England To Canada?

What are the parts of the wooden sailboat used by the explorers from england to canada? - parts sailboat diagram

I need help ships
Tell me the parts of ships, long veils, steering and other parties, and the helmet, but I need no answers Weapons Thursday, 8 November


Eleph said...

I wonder if you want a list like: Keel.Transom, bow, keel,
Timon, Pintel, Pinnion, Topsail, jib, mast, boom, Trundgon,
Yankee Portlite Hatch, Seacock.Companionway, closure
Mast Forsail, Major, gig, blog, drainage, demolition,
Hawespipe, ropes, sheets, lines, sister, Rib, bollards, helmet
Rueda, Tumblehome, figurehead,

Snaglefr... said...

Now I know that used square sails. Rudder ballast, these things. I have tried to find a useful link. The link I give is Viking long ship, you can get in the right direction.
# Http: / / / wiki / longship Co ...

Even if you "clinker built, I do not think that driving will be referred to by this study, the type of helmet.

This may be a better connection. In addition, the review of references on the ground; ...

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