Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Std Sores What Causes (non-std) Chancre Sores Inside The Mouth? (Ive Gotten Them Over And Over Throughout My Life- Why?)

What causes (non-std) chancre sores inside the mouth? (Ive gotten them over and over throughout my life- why?) - std sores

If the virus that causes it stays in your body and remain dormant until triggered. My husband gets them, sometimes for years and who is not, and if you catch a cold or outside in the cold, which again


cdubU said...

B too many sugary foods / drinks, biting the cheek, not enough vitamins

serrod said...

Sounds like herpes to me to get checked, you can infect others if they have them.

jennifer said...

pH could be a problem in the mouth. Acidic foods can start to ulcers, the pH balance. Drinking to regulate the pH. I also heard stress can also lead. Gargle with salt water clean the wound and the pain disappear for a while. or can obtain on-the-counter painkillers to numb them. In this way, you can can get some relief! Good luck!

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