Friday, January 8, 2010

Yellow Strapless Dress What Accessories Should I Wear With White/yellow Band Strapless Dress With White Sling Back Shoes?

What accessories should I wear with white/yellow band strapless dress with white sling back shoes? - yellow strapless dress

I am attending a wedding in New Orleans, July 19, 2008, and am with a white dress without straps with yellow circles and yellow with white peep toe sling-back shoes. I take a clutch of yellow, but I really do not know what I wear for accessories. I will not bling bling. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help! I have less than two weeks before the start .... Thanks


CԼმմժłმ said...

Beads. They are not easy to speak, dress and matching white circles.
A short chain would be great. Complete the look with a small pair of earrings with pearls. Pearl White is better, but Pink is look really cute.
If you do not wear jewelry black pearls. It would look nice with the mod and clothing, NO Bumble Bee-esque.
Amarillo will be tacky jewelry and overwhelming as a large part of your team is yellow.
Try Ann Taylor, Talbot (I know that the business is old but very good for low-esque pearl necklaces), or Macy * S.
Good luck and have fun! :]

Jess the Peach (made of cute) said...

Sugar Fix is on the money and need a better answer. Pearl would be perfect, the yellow sticky (but good) for the clutch. Accessories Black would also look good, but if it were up to me, and I had to go this route, I would switch to black shoes.

I hope you have a question, some pearls "would be best.

Dani_Gir... said...

You need to use with yellow accessories.

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