Saturday, January 9, 2010

Subwoofer B How Do I Hook Up My Subwoofer & Speakers To My Stereo Using Speaker Wire?

How do I hook up my subwoofer & speakers to my stereo using speaker wire? - subwoofer b

I went to change some time ago and finally with the Stereo connection to my backup and I find out the problem.

There are 2 types of speaker cable into the back of the subwoofer. A correlation between positive and negative responses, so that the "left" the other a positive and negative words "right". The son of the speakers are there already attached.

The problem is, where do I find connecting to the back of my stereo?

Here are my selections are possible:

Rear speakers (2 - have a right, one left) - I logged on my little speakers in this regard. Is that correct?

Center Speaker - only 1, do not say right or left, if I were his son in it, put the jumper cables, both positive and left and right subwoofer subwoofer connection on a positive relationship. The same would apply to the rejection.

Front Speakers - 2 speakers in, you can connect to 2 in A and B.

Please tell me what they wear. I have 2 small speakers and a subwoofer.


HEC said...

Adjust the subwoofer can be connected to the performance with the left or right front speakers and two small speakers, both shares of the main exit or shares with the subwoofer, if connected to the back of his will be compatible and weak!

Good luck!

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