Friday, January 29, 2010

Uk Average Womans Bmi What Is The UK Size 12 In America? And What's The Average Womans Size In America?

What is the UK size 12 in America? And what's the average womans size in America? - uk average womans bmi

In the graphs of standard size, not vanity sizing has become so popular in the U.S., UK size twice as large. 12 United Kingdom U.S. = 8
The current average size in the United States is 14, a 18 in the United Kingdom.


Helena a said...

Size 12 = UK Size 8 U.S.
In fear, I know the average

not sure said...

Sixe 11 or 10, I say to U.S.

Jo said...

UK size 12 would be a size 8 in the United States. Are not sure the average size of women in America.

Scotty said...

Size 10
Average size of the United Kingdom 16

Liddy is Lost said...

A UK size 12 is equivalent to a U.S. size 8

The average size in America is a size 14 (U.S. size 18).


Aims888 said...

ooh, the average American about thirty greatness of the nation Fattys

Keepingm... said...

I read somewhere that the size of the average American size 14!

October Sky said...

I think the sizes are the same as I am marrying an American Just moved to UK. But I do know is the average size in the United States, despite a size anorexia Modler 11th

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